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In this blogpost I would like to outline FOUR main factors which are responsible for curls to last all day!
Many people think that hairspray is the only thing which can help to secure curly hairstyle, and the more you apply the longer it will last.
It’s one of those cases when more hairspray is not aways the merrier!

There are FOUR main factors you have to take into account in order to create curls that will last all day:

Number one – take time to study your client’s hair.
I always begin with analysing my clients’ hair. I pay close attention to its texture, length as well as overall condition which helps me select the appropriate hairstyling product before curling. For example, if I see that the hair is thin and fine, I apply liquid hairstyling products, like hair mouse, or thickening hairspray (it’s better performed on damp hair).

Number two – use quality hot tools!
Always make sure you take time to select the right hot tool for the job. Hi-quality hot tools will guarantee an equal heat distribution across the barrel (the hot part), which is critical for creating perfect long-lasting curls. I prefer hot tools by Cloud 9, GHD and BaByliss Pro. If you’re using poor quality tools, the curl may not receive enough heat in some parts, and therefore won’t hold its shape. Also note, the size of the barrel matter, however I recommend using one-inch curling wand (2.54 cm), because it’s more universal, If you want a looser wave, just take a slightly larger section of hair.

Number three – set the right heat temperature. The heat temperature of your hot tool can play a big part in the longevity of your curly hairstyle. Always set temperature based on hair quality – if the texture of the hair is thick and coarse, keep your hot tool on high temperature (190 - 200 degrees Celsius), in the event when the hair is thin and fine – a lower temperature (around 170 degrees Celsius) will be more appropriate. Don’t overheat your tool, remember, anything above 200 degrees Celsius can burn hair! Also, apply heat shield on hair before application!

Number four – curling method / technique is directly responsible for the endurance of the curly hairstyle: the angle you hold the hot tool, the pressure you apply when winding down etc. If you’d like to learn how to curl hair professionally, check out my personal one on one tutoring sessions (online and offline options available), simply follow the link for details.
To achieve long lasting curls, wrap the hair around it the barrel, starting from the roots and locking the ends in last. This will not only make curls last longer, but it will also give more volume at the roots. Also, make sure you don't twist the hair before winding it around the barrel, as this will prevent the heat from distributing evenly across the hair.

Lastly, finish off your hairstyle with some liquid or powder hairstyling spay, or sea salt spray for soft beachy texture.

I hope this brief product review was helpful. Thank you very much for your attention!
If you’ve got any questions regarding this product, please feel free to direct message me!
Written by Daria Medko

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